"Morana" Art Print by Marta Hutt

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  • Let us take you to the early days of the old continent, to the time of the myths and legends in Slavic land by the Baltic sea…

    ‘Morana’ (also known as Marzanna) is the ancient goddess of Winter, dreams, death and rebirth.

    Her fame comes from the Baltic area, but her cult also existed in the southern Slavic countries. She was a goddess related to the natural seasonal rites, the circle of life: birth, death, and rebirth.

    Morana covers the ground in icy shroud, so that she could rest and gain strength.

    She belongs to the pantheon of ancient Slavic gods, as is considered to be the sister of Lelia (also known as Lada). The decision about the end of the winter time lies in her hands, but sometimes she is described as a goddess of sorcery and magic. In the early medieval resources, she is described similar to the Greek goddess Hecate.


    ‘Morana’ Limited edition, Fine Art prints are available in standard A4, A3 & A2 sizes which are easy to frame, with frames widely available in high street stores and online.