"Mary" Art Print with Gold By Marta Hutt

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  • What if ‘Mary’ had access to social media? What if her time was perforated with notifications: baby rearing advice, celebrity gossip, politics, climate emergency, tailored ads? If you saw her on the tube, would she look numb? Would she become numb? Have we become numb?

    This artwork is Marta's take on the iconic portraits of The Virgin Mary, which you can usually find in churches. As a child, growing up in the culture of Catholic Poland, Marta was always fascinated by the portraits of the saints where real gold had been incorporated into the paintings.


    This artwork is customised with 24 carat gold, gold has been applied to the halo, the stars and the edging of the robe on the portrait.


    ‘Mary’ Limited edition, Fine Art prints are available in standard A4 & A3 sizes which are easy to frame, with frames widely available in high street stores and online.