"Fierce Foreigner" Art Print by Marta Hutt

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  • ‘Fierce Foreigner’ was created as a commission for one of Marta's clients in the US.

    Picturing ‘fierceness’ would be quite easy using facial expression and/or body language, but to capture ‘foreign’ as a visual was more tricky. Being Polish, Marta chose to show herself to us in Polish folklore attire to illustrate this visually. When Marta was a little girl, the folklore outfit with the floral wreath and red beaded necklace was her fancy dress.

    She already had the flower wreath which she used for styling a photo shoot a few years back. The makeup style has been inspired by American Indian war paint to channel the warrior vibe and create a striking self-portrait. Taking lots of selfies wearing the floral wreath followed, helping to create the reference photo.


    ‘Fierce Foreigner’ 1st edition, Fine Art prints are available in standard A4, A3, A2 and A1 sizes which are easy to frame, with frames widely available in high street stores and online.