Large Electric Daisy Juju Mirror - Various styles available

PriceFrom £85.00
  • Our Large Jujus come in an array of colours. They can even be custom made to your own interior decor. Pop us a message to start creating yours!

    Bohemian Rhapsody ~ Natural mixed feathers in brown, cream and green tones with a touch of blush.

    Two Fridas ~ Two Fridas signature tropical coloured feathers

    Cleopatra ~ Beautiful turquoise feathers

    Lady Stardust ~ A mixture of light brown tones, black and peacock feathers

    Kali ~ Black feathers with a hint of dark green tones. The Kali design comes complete with a gold chain, adding that extra luxury to your wall

    Beautifully colourful feathered jujus created by "Electric Daisy". These bold statement pieces look stunning individually or why not add a kaleidoscope of colour to your feature wall with our feathered range of beauties. Our bohemian jujus are handmade with love so each one is truly individual.

    Includes hooks on the back ready to wall mount.

    Please note each juju will not be identical due to their handmade nature.