Celestine Wall Mural

PriceFrom £273.00
  • CELESTINE captures the spontaneous nature of painting, focusing on simple textures and organic mark making layered up to create a delicately considered yet bold statement piece. Digitally printed in large scale to present a stunning giant piece of artwork ready to paste to your wall. Printed on to a white matt paper, to translate all of the details and textures of the original painting perfectly.


    Celestine Wall Mural is really easy to order and also apply to your wall. Measure the width of your wall in CMS and select the mural width size which is right for your wall in the drop down menu above. The mural arrives in pre-cut three metre high strips ready to paste to your wall from left to right. All you need to do is trim the drops according to the height of your wall before pasting up.


    After purchasing your mural, you will receive instructions to help you hang your paper alongside a digital image to show which part of the design will be printed according to your measurements to make sure that you are happy with the layout.



    The ARTE Mural Collection takes the idea of living with art that one step further by transforming entire wall spaces into stunning pieces of artwork. The collection features three digitally printed abstract designs that are rich with layers of texture, brush stroke marks and patterned mark making, promising that ultimate wow-factor as you walk into a room.