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Feather & Flower Tiles
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"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?"

Two Fridas is a joint venture by mother and daughter; Michelle and Dominique.  With a passion for art and home décor, we have come together to launch our very own online boutique.

We love to spend our time hunting for special treasures to share with you.  From Bali to India, Italy, France and back home to the UK, we source unique and wonderful items from around the globe.

Our dream is to bring happiness and love to your home with our carefully selected homeware collection.

Feather & Flower Tiles
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"Spend time doing what feeds your soul. "

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Feather & Flower Tiles

Our business name honours Frida Kahlo; an amazing lady and creative icon.


Her fearlessness together with her use of bold and vibrant colours  inspire us to stay true to ourselves and have the courage to follow our wildest dreams.